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  In recent years, China's circulation field is undergoing profound changes: international circulation giants to expand in China; Domestic circulation enterprises gradually incline to mature and main intensive. Facing the emerging, thriving distribution channel, the company brand profound analysis, rapid response, in recent years, the company's brand successfully into the nation each big market, and in years to negotiate and cooperate on quickly, in many provinces and cities made important breakthrough.


  In each big sales agent system leads, the domestic retail system by the cooperation, the products of the company gained high reputation and good performance.


  The company's domestic sales network all over the country, the principle of "customer facing, service to customers, facing market and develop the market" tenet started work, establishes the customer service for the good channel.


  Train professional maintenance personnel of each user as planned for regular circuit interviews, survey. The production department, the engineering department, and joint monthly to maintenance personnel for technical training, and will the user feedback report to production department, so as to change the product structure, and to better let customer satisfaction. All the maintenance personnel all equipped with a set of common maintenance tools and some parts, and ensure that the product's fault can exclude one-time, except to disease.


  Train we to each specifications, every species of manufactured products, keep a certain amount of vulnerable parts reserve, outsourcing supporting products but also no exception.


  Responsible for the train to provide the all equipment operation, maintenance training; Is responsible to the customer engineering professionals for equipment maintenance, maintenance technology training.