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Company Intro

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   An Hui Sheng Zhu Shi Gong Cheng Su Liao Co., Ltd Was the original bengbu engineering plastic accessories factory after a restructuring of the state-owned a a private enterprise. She has DuoNian forty of the development, accumulation, already have injection, extrusion and blowing gorges plastic integrated processing ability. With a large injection molding machine 8 sets, and small and medium-sized 12 sets of injection molding machine; Extruder has Ф 90, Ф 65, Ф 45, the three production lines and the machine with manual pack to bring two production lines; Heat shrinkable film, tear film article five blow molding production line. So far has been formed six series one hundred DuoGe varieties. The main products are: the turnover box series (beer turnover box, fruit turnover box, eggs turnover box, fishery turnover box, soda turnover box, cold storage turnover box, food plastic box, etc.); Hatch machine accessories series (give cheeper dish, hatch dish, egg wheels, birdbath, swing of water, bracket, door lock institutions, such as handle); Auto parts and traffic facilities series (leaf ring, dust dish, grey plate cover, and the storm pipe, air filter shell, tap water pipe, bolt, molded case filter, storage battery molded case, intake pipe, traffic cone, a tripod, etc.); Breeding matching series (for drinking water, food, 30 pieces "egg bucket, flat nets, into the chicken coop turnover box, floor, crates floor, etc); Extrusion molding series (heat shrinkable film, strapping rope, air cushion film, pack, plastic bags, plastic pipes and pipe fittings etc.); Electrical appliances and electronic accessories series (plastic casing and accessories).


  At the same time can also be for each industry processing all kinds of medium engineering plastic parts.My company is located in the beautiful coast of the huaihe river-pearl city bengbu. The beijing-shanghai railway, shut expressway xu, flashed highway, 206 national highway in the crisscross, make bengbu in anhui province become the transportation hub, and the traffic is very convenient. With the development of the west regions of the cause of the startup, this factory also in 2002 in China's northwest, southwest center city, xian, chengdu set up branch factories, namely "xian city from the plastic factory", "chengdu engineering plastic Co., LTD.".



  At present the enterprise positive mass collectivization development.

  Enterprise legal representative Mr ZhuChangXun together with all staff warmly welcome new and old customers to visit our company, to discuss cooperation!