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Mitsubishi engineering plastic will portable electronic products into color era

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  A few days ago, high-performance laser direct molding (LDS) material supplier mitsubishi engineering plastic corporation for portable electronic products market first launched the color is the XANTARLDS series products meet the rapidly changing the market of design and function demand.





  Along with the diversification, styling is, miniaturization, and low cost has become the main trend in the portable electronic products. As a kind of injection molding circuit components (MID) technology, laser direct molding (LDS) help to develop intelligent mobile phones and laptop computers, and other equipment elegant shell and covers the DuoZhong within new function, so more and more the favour of the industry. Therefore, mitsubishi engineering plastic in the big success of XANTARPC and PC/ABSLDS series products based on the transformation of the latest, including actual resisting impact of high strength without chlorine bromine products without the colour innovation, so as to realize the whole chromatography cover, for smart phones and tablet computer and ultra-thin notebook computers appearance and function orientation of applications created the infinite broad design space.





  At the same time, mitsubishi engineering plastic also through the focus on special performance and the environmental protection two fields of research and development of the further broadening its full color product line. New XANTARLDS3723 (PC/ABS) designed to provide excellent actual resisting impact strength and development, so as to make the black cell phone casing or other handheld communication devices to be able smoothly through the strict dropped or tumbling test; New XANTARLDS3733 (PC) support flexible 3 d antenna design, provide excellent signal effect; Is the successful development of the design and performance first-class key factors. With similar products is matched without UL941.5 without chlorine mmV-grade 1 and the 3.0 mmV-0 level flame retardant performance, this series products greatly promoted XANTARLDS3723 (PC/ABS) advantage.





  Mitsubishi engineering plastic XANTAR global business development manager   FrancisvanVehmendahl said: "rapid product listing of decisive importance, it depends on whether can provide meet such market field strict customized materials. In addition to the launch of the present PC and PC/ABS diversified products combination, we will continue to lead the global investment in the development of new products, so as to enhance the existing advanced technology we knowledge and service support level. This will help us to further expand and strengthening our high performance materials in the global market LDS leadership. Now, the performance is excellent LDS materials like no other alternative materials."

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