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Sinochem corp "1025" will foster engineering plastics industry chain, etc

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  Chinese chemical industry group FanXiaoSen deputy general manager, said the next five years, in addition to construction organic silicon, organic fluorine, epoxy resins, polyurethane, acrylic and acrylate etc core industrial chain, the Chinese chemical group also cultivate high performance fibers, engineering plastics and so on the new core industry chain, considering into new materials business.

  China's chemical group to the development of high performance fiber including carbon fiber, aramid, PPS, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, high polyvinyl alcohol (pva) mode, etc. Engineering plastic aspect is the focus of the strengthen applied research or form a complete set, strengthen the blending modified, improve the competitiveness of their products, and strive to thermoplastic engineering plastic development will become the core business.

  FanXiaoSen also said China chemical group "1025" during will to water treatment membrane (through the film, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane) and processing products as the breakthrough point, gradually to project total package model development, for the next into the environmental protection field to lay the foundation. Data shows, China's current membrane materials market demand as high as 28 billion 35 billion yuan, the future market will also at 25% a year-the rate of 30% growth over the next five years film industry values expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.

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