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Seven big special rubber base be vividly portrayed engineering plastic will rise

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  "1025" new material plan will be released recently. For special rubber and engineering plastic material industry development of the two dash sing, countries will spread layout. The reporter understands, China will key construction Beijing, guangdong, hunan, gansu, jilin, Shanxi Province and chongqing, and other special rubber base, at the same time make jiangsu, Shanghai, henan and zhejiang engineering plastic base and guangdong modified material processing base. At present, the special rubber and engineering plastics are provided only 30%.

  Comment on: in addition to special rubber besides, domestic much-needed another product for engineering plastic. The future will with blue star chemical industry, the sky (600096), shenma group and blond technology (600143) as the key point, the construction of jiangsu, Shanghai, zhejiang, henan, engineering plastic production base, guangdong modified material processing base.

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