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An advisor: engineering plastic provided will gradually improve

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  It is reported, "1025" period, the country will be implemented new material key engineering projects, of advanced polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, highperformance composite materials, new materials, the special metal front functional materials, high metal structure material 6 types, the new material support. Strive to "1025" new materials at the end of the scale of the industry to output value 2 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of over 25%.


  An adviser chemical industry ChangYiZhi researchers pointed out that, with the increase of market demand and the state relevant policies to support, our country new material industry is developing very quickly. As one of the new material breed of engineering plastic is no exception. In recent years as the car, construction, high iron, electronic appliances industry is developing very rapidly, and our country PC resin, nylon, pom, PBT treated engineering plastic products consumption growth rate faster. But the domestic capacity is limited, our country of engineering plastics external dependence is higher.


  According to relevant statistics show that in 2000 in Chinese engineering plastic consumption less than 400000 tons; By 2007 in Chinese engineering plastic consumption has reached 1.84 million tons. In 2008 and 2009 are the influence of the financial crisis, engineering plastic consumption in China were also reached 2.06 million tons and 2.21 million tons. In 2010, China's consumption of engineering plastics has reached 2.433 million tons.


  ChangYiZhi think, although now China's engineering plastic external dependence is bigger, but with the increase of domestic engineering plastic consumption, our country engineering plastic capacity also large increases in, continuously improve its self-sufficiency rate. In 2010, China's general plastic has provided from 11% to 35%. And in "1025 'period, China will be in jiangsu, Shanghai, zhejiang, henan, construction engineering plastic base is expected late in the country. The related policy support, our country of engineering plastics production capacity will will further increase, will also be provided to rise gradually.  


  Consultant has issued by the 2011 2015 year China new material industrial investment analysis and outlook report shows, engineering plastic belong to new material in advanced polymer materials, usually divided into general engineering plastic and special engineering plastics two kinds big. Among them, the general engineering plastic mainly including polyamide, polyester, polycarbonate, pom, polystyrene ether and other products, mainly including special engineering plastics PPS, polyimide, get together the aryl ethers ketone, liquid crystal polymers, gather together, fang ester were etc. Product.

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